redshirting…it’s been on my mind for the past couple months. My son is 4 with a summer birthday- he technically should be starting K next fall, but redshirting has become so popular where we live that if I do start him in the fall he will be not only the youngest in his class but he could have some kids almost 2 years older than him. At this age, even a few months makes a huge difference in maturity. So I’m stuck on this now…do I hold him back or not? Luckily the private school he will be attending does two readiness tests which will tell me if he’s ready academically and mature enough to handle it. He had his Gesell test today (which I don’t have the results yet). That test gives him a developmental age that could be different from his actual age. We’ll see…to be continued on this front.

Grayson was very happy to be back at school today with his friends. He showed them his new Shark backpack and also showed them that his baby chic now has a brother- Ziggy. Baby chic is this adorable stuffed animal that Grayson takes everywhere with him. We saw a turkey movie a few months ago, maybe Turkey Run- and Grayson fell in love with these tiny baby chics that were like little balls and he wanted one so badly. I got online and found a similar one and they’ve been together ever since. So over Christmas I got him another one and he named it Ziggy. He sleeps with them every night, takes them to school in his backpack, takes them in the car…you get the point. It’s adorable and I hope I never lose one!



Can we go out to eat tonight?

My 4 year old has been asking me for weeks if we can go out to eat. We’ve been so busy lately that it’s taken awhile to get around to it, but tonight we took him out! Grayson loves getting “fancy” and dressed up for dinner. He usually chooses a bow tie, but tonight he really wanted to wear this hip red check button up (red is his favorite color) so none of his bow ties matched it really. He also wore skinny jeans rolled up at the bottom and these adorable See Kie Run high tops- and lets not forget the belt. Grayson loves wearing belts, probably because I don’t let him wear them often. I mean he can’t wear them to school because let’s face it- can he really undo the belt and get pants down in time if he really has to go? I like for him to feel really independent at school so it’s usually elastic waist pants. So tonight he just felt really special and excited to be going on a date with mommy, daddy and his mimi (my mom). We sat down in a big booth and right when the waitress came up to us Grayson was the first to speak and ordered himself Mac n’ cheese with a milk please. I’m proud of him for feeling confident enough to just order what he wants for himself. He’s only 4 after all. I’m big on manners and he did really well tonight. We all clinked our glasses together and said CHEERS. Grayson talked about his wonderful his mac n’ cheese tasted, how he really wanted to use the urinal in the men’s room, and at one point my mom said something funny so Chris and I laughed. Grayson said “excuse me mommy what are you laughing about?” I can’t say how much i LOVE when he says “excuse me” to get my attention. And he has the sweetest voice too. After we ate we walked the mall a bit and Grayson sat on my moms walker and she pushed him- he felt like it was an amusement park ride. As we were leaving he noticed someone has left a cookie on a bench instead of putting it in the trash. He looked at me and said “mama let’s make that our lazy person story tonight”. See Grayson loves when I tell him stories and he usually tells me exactly what kind of story he wants to hear and somehow we started this “tradition” of me telling a lazy person story at night before bed. So anytime he sees trash on the sidewalk, dog poo not picked up, etc…those turn into our lazy person stories. Grayson is always quick to say that the story isn’t about him because he’s NOT lazy. He cracks me up. 

where do I begin…

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted on this blog. My last post was on Grayson’s first day of school- here’s some of what we’ve been up to since then: Grayson learned how to ride a bike in Sept without training wheels! He’s only 4 and we’re so proud and excited for him. He loves to ride his bike, visit the pond to feed the fish crackers- we take Ritz crackers and Grayson usually ends up eating half of them and throwing half into the water. He named a big white fish Garbage because he’s a mean fish and take the crackers away from the smaller golf fish. He’s swimming really well and now knows Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. He’s also mastering his flip turns which cracks me up. Seeing my little baby doing a flip turn just puts the biggest smile on my face. I feel like a lot of the time I take credit for how great he is, but really he’s just a cool little guy on his own. The skills he’s learned are his own and he should feel so proud of that. We visited the pumpkin patch to choose our pumpkins for Halloween. He gave his a scary face and really enjoyed carving this year. We also climbed a huge dirt pile (they are doing some building near me) one day- it was so fun just being outside with my guys, getting dirty and just laughing together. 


I really enjoy spending my time with him- when I’m not with him I miss him like crazy. Today he told me his back hurt from gymnastics and he wanted to get a massage in the massage chair downstairs, so we went down there and he got a massage while I read Harry Potter to him. After his back felt better (lol) he grabbed his toy guitar and flute and proceeded to play music for me to dance to. We danced for at least 45min and he said he’s a rockstar like Brandon Flowers. Any song that I play or that comes on the radio he asks “is that Brandon Flowers?”. So our 45min dance party was the highlight of my day for sure. Who knew 4 was so fun!!! 

Before bed I always ask him what his favorite part of the day was- the past few nights he’s said “going to bed cause I get to snuggle with my babies”. We always have the same bedroom routine which I love and think is very important. Routine helps make children confident- they love to know what’s coming next and it makes them feel secure. So we do PJ’s, brush teeth, read a book or two, then talk about our days. I cherish this time.