the day you DOVE off the High Dive

Dear Grayson,

Mommy is so very proud of you and super excited for you. You’ve been working all summer on your goal of diving off the high dive…and today YOU DID IT! Each time we’ve gone to the pool this summer you’ve walked to the end of the high dive with ever intention of diving off, but ended up jumping instead. Which is a huge accomplishment in itself really- I’m 36 and was nervous to even jump off the 10 foot high board. You consistently push me to try new things and be more adventurous.

So today, you just had your mind set that you were going to dive off today. Then you decided to try your front flip off the high dive instead. While trying to make that work you somehow ended up diving off and I cheered so loud for you! And when you came up out of the water you had the biggest smile on your face. It just lit up my world.

You never give up on things and it’s such an admirable quality. It was such an exciting day and I’m so proud of you. I love you.


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