spring break = heaven

This past week has been Spring Break for us and I have to say- it’s been amazing. Grayson is almost 6 now and just running to the grocery store is an adventure when he’s with me. I get to have my best friend tagging along with me all day and I love it. He’s such a special little guy. He has this funny personality and he’s always telling jokes trying to make me laugh. His top joke right now is “why do chickens sit on their eggs…because they don’t have chairs!” I pretty much laugh at all his jokes even when they aren’t funny because he’s just so darn cute telling them. But then he goes to school and tells these jokes and says “my friends didn’t think that was funny Mama.” I Just tell him that his friends must have been confused. This week we went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and saw the Transformer exhibit which Grayson loved. We went to the Zoo twice and were able to do the ropes course. Grayson got to go all the way to the top this time because I went with him. He makes me so proud because even though he was scared he just pushed through and did it because he really wanted to- he didn’t let fear stand in his way and I just really admire that. I’m absolutely the luckiest Mama in the world getting to raise this amazing little boy. He’s growing into a thoughful, loving, strong, empathetic, smart, hard working, adventurous boy. He makes me proud everyday. I love you Grayson!!

Love- Mama