i’m proud to be your mom

Grayson and I went to watch my nephews baseball game the other night and Grayson loves it because there are always kids his age running around a big tree and playing together. So I stand throughout the entire game so I can keep an eye on him- yes I’m one of those moms who seriously watches my son every second- call me a Helicopter Mom, I’m ok with it. I’d rather be a Helicopter Mom then a mom whose child gets kidnapped. But I’m getting off track now…

As Grayson was playing with 3 other boys I overheard him saying “pick on someone your own size” and he said it over and over to 2 boys that were HIS size. So I was thinking what is he talking about… Then he ran up to me and said “those boys are mean, they keep pushing that little guy and I told them to pick on someone their own size but they aren’t listening.” I told him I was proud of him for taking up for the little guy and that he’s done all he can to stop them. I told him to just not play with those boys. 

As I was getting Grayson ready for bed that night I told him that I was so proud of him for taking up for the little guy and I was so proud  to be his mommy. HIs face lit up like nothing I’ve ever seen. He smiled so big and my words just filled him up with joy- I could see it in his eyes. My Sweet Angel. 

Come to find out those 3 boys were brothers and the 2 biggers ones weren’t really picking on the little guy they were playing tag…but that’s neither here nor there. My son was still the good hearted kid trying stand up for the little guy getting picked on. My hero. 

Today is Mother’s Day and I an so happy to be Grayson’s mom. He’s everything. I love you Grayson. You’re my favorite and I love you the most. 


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