redshirting…it’s been on my mind for the past couple months. My son is 4 with a summer birthday- he technically should be starting K next fall, but redshirting has become so popular where we live that if I do start him in the fall he will be not only the youngest in his class but he could have some kids almost 2 years older than him. At this age, even a few months makes a huge difference in maturity. So I’m stuck on this now…do I hold him back or not? Luckily the private school he will be attending does two readiness tests which will tell me if he’s ready academically and mature enough to handle it. He had his Gesell test today (which I don’t have the results yet). That test gives him a developmental age that could be different from his actual age. We’ll see…to be continued on this front.

Grayson was very happy to be back at school today with his friends. He showed them his new Shark backpack and also showed them that his baby chic now has a brother- Ziggy. Baby chic is this adorable stuffed animal that Grayson takes everywhere with him. We saw a turkey movie a few months ago, maybe Turkey Run- and Grayson fell in love with these tiny baby chics that were like little balls and he wanted one so badly. I got online and found a similar one and they’ve been together ever since. So over Christmas I got him another one and he named it Ziggy. He sleeps with them every night, takes them to school in his backpack, takes them in the car…you get the point. It’s adorable and I hope I never lose one!



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