who’s teddy?

Grayson and I were playing on the playground after swim class the other day when something really funny happened. We play a game where he takes a big super ball all the way to the top of the playset (his hideout) and then he drops it down to me. It bounces all over the place and I fetch it for him. Well when I was grabbing the ball for him he said “no mama, teddy wants to get it”. So i looked around (we were the only people there!) and I said “who’s teddy?”. Grayson went on to explain that Teddy is the little dog that just walked up to play with us. He is tiny and precious and looks just like Bruiser with black and brown hair. So I let Teddy get the ball and we kept playing with him. It was then time to leave and Grayson said that Teddy really needed to come home with us because he didn’t have a mommy with him. That made complete sense so I told Grayson to pick him up and carry him to the car. Grayson bent down and scooped him up with 2 hands- he went on to say how tiny he was that he fit in his 2 little hands. Then Grayson pretended to be holding his paws in the air and made teddy walk. He thought that was hilarious. DODODODOooo. Grayson put Teddy in the front seat and made me buckle him in for the ride home.

I thought it was just so interesting that Grayson made this character up and had a whole story around it. He really cared about this little imaginary dog. My sweet little angel, Grayson.

So that evening I was telling my husband all about Teddy and we were just cracking up. It’s so nice to have a teammate who adores Grayson and I can share these laughs with. I’m so lucky to have this family.


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