I don’t like this idea

So first thing this morning we had Grayson’s 4 year old doctor checkup- 9am- I like booking the first appt so we aren’t sitting in the waiting room for 30 min. I tried to prepare Grayson telling him he would be getting shots today. So they call him back and he weighs 34 lbs, they did his blood pressure, temperature- all the regular stuff. Then the DR comes in and examines him- the part that cracked me up was when the dr checked Grayson’s testicles and penis. Grayson’s little face was shocked and he just giggled. Mommy had not prepared him for that one. LOL. When the nurse came back in to give Grayson 3 shots and prick his finger for blood. First Grayson saw the pink blook pricker and thought it was so cute- it’s small and he loves small thigns. Says “oh it’s so cute” in his tiny innocent voice. Then she grabs his finger and sticks it- then squeezes out his blood. He was freaking out! I l had to hold him down with all my might when she gave him 3 shots in his legs. He was crying hysterically and yelling “I DON’T LIKE THIS IDEA!!!!!!”

So finally the torture was over and we settled down in the car for the drive home. Grayson was still crying and saying “mama that was so scary, I don’t like that nurse at all.”

My sweet little angel. Before bed I always ask him if he had a good day and what was his favorite part. Tonight he said “the dr was bad mama”.


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