my little angel is 4!!!!

I’m asking myself how have 4 years already gone by? It seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to him in the hospital and adjusting to my new life role. These have been the happiest four years of my life. The morning of his birthday Grayson woke up and asked me if Troy had delivered his jumpy house yet. He knows the jumpy house guy by name-lol. When Troy came to set up, Grayson stood on the screened in porch and just watched as the air slowly blew the huge jumpy up. He had the biggest smile on his face the entire time!

Four is such a fun age. Today we were in the car after swim class and we were listening to the Killers. Tranquilize came on and Grayson yells- turn it up mama!!! louder louder louder. So I turned it up and he was actually singing some words and grunting with the melody. It was absolutely without a doubt the best part of my day laughing and signing with him in the car. 

I’m so thankful for him. 


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