mom, wife…cortney

I remember being young and thinking how I could just feel that I was cut out for something special. And while I don’t stand out in any certain way like I thought I would- I do stand out to two people. These two people think I’m pretty darn special, my husband and my son. Sure I stay at home and I typically don’t change out of my running clothes but they still think I’m pretty great and that feels so good. I could have chosen so many turns for my life to take, I could have dropped out of college and became a groupie, or backpacked through Europe never looking back. But I chose the safe path by staying in school and falling in love with a man that I knew would always love me and take good care of me. So while my life may not be as exciting as some- I could not be happier because I’m where I should be. There’s nothing I love more than being a mom to Grayson- and sure my title is now Mom and Wife and not as much Cortney…I’m overjoyed by it. Nothing makes me happier than hearing Grayson yell “mama I need you”. This is what life is all about. I’m blessed to get to live the life I have- even on bad days I just thank my lucky stars that I’m able to have that fight about timeout and why it shouldn’t last 4 minutes. I pray I’m doing a good job shaping Grayson into a thoughtful, caring boy who will eventually be independent and make the right choices in his life- and f he chooses to be a groupie or go backpacking in Europe then I’ll support that because it’s his journey not mine. I love you Grayson and Chris!


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