lollipop stinky bootie

yes those are my son’s favorite words right now. He thinks it’s hilarious and I have to admit after listening to his giggle while saying it- he is pretty funny. The lollipop part started because he came home from school one day saying some words I didn’t love so I told him to use the word lollipop in place of the words I didn’t like. He thought that was hilarious and Grayson is the kid who loves being funny! He likes to make me laugh and always asks me “is that funny Mama?”

Speaking of him asking me questions…whoa he has a lot of them! I think he asked me 40 questions today while on our way to his tennis lesson- did I mention it’s a 6 min drive?! And if he asks me a question that I don’t have the answer to he says “let’s google it”. 

Google is exactly the place I found Bill Nye The Science Guy- Grayson has asked me if he could see a video of the heart pumping (he’s obsessed with the heart and body ever since we took him to the Body Exhibit at the Science Center). So now Grayson loves Bill Nye and he knows all about the heart and blood clots and how important exercise is for your heart. He also will call out any smoker he sees and warn them that they have black lungs.  Good job Grayson! 

Not sure if all little boys are this sweet, but mine has such a good heart. I love how he stops everything hes’s doing to run and give me a kiss or how he tells me to sleep tight at night. He usually ends up in our bed around 2am and I love the way he just pets my arm to show me he loves me. 

Being a mom has been the best experience of my life. I really can’t even put into words how much I love being Grayon’s mom. Chris took him fishing tonight and I called to see how it was going and Grayson got on the phone telling me how he caught 4 fish- he was so excited! Before we got off the phone he said “I love you Mama, I want a jumpy house for my birthday”


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