a mouse-ka-tutu

So we’ve planned a trip to Disney World and now I’m letting Grayson watch some Mickey Mouse so he actually knows some of the characters before we go. So he was watching a show on his iPad the other day and Minnie is mixing paint, she wants to make the color green so she mixes yellow and blue into a jar. Then Mickey says how she’s going to have to shake the jar really well and maybe they need…and Goofy jumps in saying a mouse-ka-tuna no a mouse-ka-tutu…

Well I’ve never heard Grayson laugh this loud and hard in his entire life. He kept rewinding and watching that part over and just cracking himself up! So the next day my husband taught him to repeat the story and now he tells his own little version of it to make us laugh. We put on our best fake laugh ever and now whenever I think about it I laugh for REAL.

Grayson’s version goes like this: minnie mixed yellow and green paint in a jar mickey says you gotta give that jar a really good shake goofy said how bout a mousekatutu–aaahhhhaaahhh. 

the part that always gets me is that he tells it in one breath and it’s so funny to me that he actually says “gotta give that jar a really good shake”. He’s just the cutest little guy ever.