happy valentines day

to my little angel and my wonderful husband,

happy valentines day to the 2 boys that make my life worth living. Chris I’ve been in love with you for 12 years now you’ve been such an amazing partner. You’ve helped me grow into a better person. You’ve supported me and given me confidence in myself. I think it’s sweet that you still check me out and think I’m pretty. I adore your texts during the day saying you love me and miss me. I love you so much sweetie. 

and my little angel, Grayson: I’ve been in love with you since you were in my tummy and the size of a pea. You are the definition of true love. I could not live without you. You are happy from the moment you wake up in the morning, always smiling and joking. You have such an imagination and keep reminding me the game we are playing is “just pretend mommy”.  You are my joy and I love every moment I spend with you. While you’re asleep I look at pictures of you on my phone and laugh at all the funny things you’ve said and done that day. 

For example: your swim teacher Ms BJ gave you a valentine Pez today and you giggled and squealed and said “oh that’s adorable!” I cracked up- you’ve got an sweet, innocent, caring heart and I’m so proud of you already!!!

I do have another little boy named Bruiser (our yorkie). He’s 10 years old now and sleeps a lot, has bad breath, and barks a lot. But I adore him and he does get the shaft a bit now that we have Grayson, but I do make sure he gets at least one walk a day. Walks are his favorite thing! 

Today Grayson asked me what Bruiser’s favorite thing to do was and I said our walks. Then he asked about Daddy’s fav thing: I said playing with you Grayson. Mommy’s fav thing is playing with Grayson too of course. Here’s Grayson’s favorite thing to do…wait for it…changing light bulbs!! what??? he’s 3- trust me he’s never changed a light bulb. Where does he get this stuff? So funny. 



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