oh bless his heart…

I suppose I might say this too often… at first I used “oh bless her heart” when I thought someone was stupid or just not all there- it was more of a dig. However, over the last year I’ve used it more honestly- if someone I love is sick, hurt, or just going through a hard time. When I say “bless his heart” now I actually mean it. I’ve evolved I suppose- or I’ll at least give myself credit for trying. I didn’t realize how often I said it until yesterday my son said it. I was telling him how his cousin Dylan had the flu and had been throwing up. Grayson said “oh bless his heart”. It was a proud moment for me I have to admit because it shows that I’m doing my job in teaching him empathy. It’s such an important quality that I want to instill in him. People matter, their feelings matter! So I’m taking this and feeling good about it because there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring- he could revert to saying “stinky poopy baby” which he learned from his friend Baylor at preschool.

On another note, my grandmother paid me a huge compliment the other day. She loved a thank you note I had written her and said I should have been a writer. It made me so happy because I had always wanted to be a writer (secretly of course). She said I had a way with words. Thanks Grandma. 


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