here me now come!!

Funniest thing: playing hide and seek with Grayson. 

If it’s my turn to hide and for him to find he will count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10…then say HERE ME NOW COME!!! (instead of ready or not here I come). It’s hilarious. I’m cracking up just thinking of it- isn’t it amazing how funny your own child can be? If someone else’s kid was doing this I’d say ugh- it’s ok. But it’s my child and I can’t get enough. Must be the hormones or something that make you so devoted and just IN LOVE with our own children. 

I’m so lucky to stay at home with him. I get to enjoy bikes rides, snuggle time, reading Curious George over and over, and the hugs! I live for the hugs and kisses. Nothing makes me happier than when he says “I love you mom”. Tonight I was cleaning the kitchen and Grayson was in the bedroom with Chris and he ran out to me and said ” I love you mom, I love you the most, I love you to the moon and back”. Oh I just melted- my sweet little angel. He just has the biggest heart- very tender hearted too and I think he gets that from me. I’ve always been too emotional and let things get to me very easily. Chris on the other hand is very self assured and not sensitive. Hopefully Grayson will get the best of us both- but at 3 all that I care about is him feeling loved and we’re doing a great job of that! He’s the happiest little boy ever. He’s very busy and loves all of his activities- soccer, swim, gymnastics, tennis and he especially loves preschool and all of his friends. 

Every night I tuck him in and ask him the same thing:

How was your day?: Good

What was your favorite part?: school- did I have school today? no swim, did I have swim today? lol. He’s precious! 

So get ready world: HERE ME NOW COME!


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