lazy sunday

grayson got in bed with us last night around 2am. He woke up at 8 and gave me a huge hug and said “i love snuggling with you mama”. It started my day off perfectly. I love snuggling with him too- he has such a big heart. I also love when he calls me mama, for some reason it seems so loving. The main thing Grayson wanted to do today was ride his bike, he got a big boy bike from santa and he’s obsessed with it. Too bad it rained the entire day…hopefully tomorrow we can take it out. So we ended up playing inside today- he likes to line all of his cars up and acts like they are students. Guido or Luigi are usually the teacher and they also get to drive the huge Bruder crane that he got for Christmas. Guido or Luigi gets to choose who takes rides on the hook of the crane. Grayson pretends the cars are alive and they talk to each other. Grayson always says “hi how are you, how did you sleep last night?” If I answer as myself instead of my car he says “no mommy make the car talk”. He’s just hilarious and has such a great imagination. 

I took him with me to a dr appt a couple weeks ago and there was a picture of a heart in the small room while we were waiting for the dr. So we talked about the heart and Grayson had a million questions. Now all he talks about is the heart. If he has soccer, he asks if soccer is good for his heart. If he eats mac n cheese he asks if it’s good for his heart. It’s amazing to me the impact that the picture had on him- to still be talking about it 2 weeks later. 


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