both names

tonight Grayson asked me what my name was. I said Mommy- he said no your other name. I said Cortney. He said- so you have both names. He went on to say “you’re a nice mommy, i love you, I have a nice mommy”. That put the biggest smile on my face- no words can describe how happy this little boy makes me. He’s very into Curious George books right now. Before bed we read a story and I read “this is George… and he’s very” and I point to Grayson and he says “curious!!” and we both just crack up. He has this infectious laugh. Oh and today and gymnastics he was doing the obstacle course and then ran over to me while I was just sitting in the chair watching and he said “i love you mommy, I want to give you a hug”. This boy has the biggest and sweetest heart I’ve ever encountered. 

He received a bike from Santa for Christmas, and this is his first real bike with pedals. His first bike was a balancing bike and he LOVED that. So we have training wheels on the new big boy bike- we took the bike out and he can’t get enough. He kept asking me during the ride/walk why he needed the training wheels? I just told him they keep him from falling and after lots of practice we can take them off. After the bike ride he said- take these training wheels off mom, I’M READY! Of course they are still on…he’s 3. 

so great day today for Grayson and me with BOTH names. 


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