shakin that bum

Grayson did the cutest thing today- him and his dad stand next to each other and sing “shakin that bum shakin that bum” and they wiggle theit booties- it’s hilarious and precious to see my little 3 year old enjoying himself so much. He just cracks up and loves copying his daddy.


Grayson stayed up late last night to celebrate the New Year and we gave him apple cider in a lovely champagne glass, he said “cheers, now drink”. He loved his fancy glass and was so careful with it, held very tight with both his tiny hands. 

Chris was cooking dinner tonight and Grayson kept asking him “do you need my help Daddy?”. I was putting together a Melissa and Doug truck for him while Chris was making dinner and Grayson accidentally poked me in the eye with one of the parts and it really hurt so it made me cry, Grayson gave me tons of hugs and kisses right away saying “it’s ok mommy, it was an accident, i love you”. And he jumped to me right away trying to make me feel better. It just shos that he has such a big heart and really feels empathy. That’s so important and such a wonderful feeling for a child to understand.


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