ice cream kisses

Today was a great day that started off when my son saying “mommy I’m ready to get up- it’s morning”. I gave him a smile and he smiled right back knowing that I would be getting out of bed to play with him instead of saying “it’s not time yet”. He said he wanted a Toaster Stroodle and wanted to play in the Study while he ate his breakfast. He’s hilarious. We were playing on my bed after I made it and I started doing Eskimo kisses with our noses and he laughed and said “let’s do ice cream kisses” so of course I renamed the Eskimo kiss to Ice Cream kiss. Then he wanted to do a Cupcake Kiss- which he made up just then- and it’s a kiss on the lips but first you pull your head back and almost head butt- needless to say that one didn’t last long. 


Another thing that was cute today: He was opening up a late Christmas present that he received in the mail today and he said “mommy can you take off the rainbow so I can open it”, turns out the rainbow is the BOW. How stinkin cute is that? Nothing makes me smile more than my Grayson. He’s everything. 


He’s asleep now which means it’s mommy and daddy time- always nice to have some alone time. I just can’t believe it’s almost 2013. We’ve been so blessed and have so many wonderful people and opportunities in our life. Staying at home with Grayson is the most special experience I could ever ask for. It would not be possible without my husband who works very hard. 


This little side note is to my gma who passed away a couple months ago: I miss you, love you and remember spending New Years Eve at your house with all my cousins drinking Sparkling Cider and wearing hats and using noise makers. Such a great memory. We were everything to Gma and I understand that now that I am a parent. 


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