here me now come!!

Funniest thing: playing hide and seek with Grayson. 

If it’s my turn to hide and for him to find he will count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10…then say HERE ME NOW COME!!! (instead of ready or not here I come). It’s hilarious. I’m cracking up just thinking of it- isn’t it amazing how funny your own child can be? If someone else’s kid was doing this I’d say ugh- it’s ok. But it’s my child and I can’t get enough. Must be the hormones or something that make you so devoted and just IN LOVE with our own children. 

I’m so lucky to stay at home with him. I get to enjoy bikes rides, snuggle time, reading Curious George over and over, and the hugs! I live for the hugs and kisses. Nothing makes me happier than when he says “I love you mom”. Tonight I was cleaning the kitchen and Grayson was in the bedroom with Chris and he ran out to me and said ” I love you mom, I love you the most, I love you to the moon and back”. Oh I just melted- my sweet little angel. He just has the biggest heart- very tender hearted too and I think he gets that from me. I’ve always been too emotional and let things get to me very easily. Chris on the other hand is very self assured and not sensitive. Hopefully Grayson will get the best of us both- but at 3 all that I care about is him feeling loved and we’re doing a great job of that! He’s the happiest little boy ever. He’s very busy and loves all of his activities- soccer, swim, gymnastics, tennis and he especially loves preschool and all of his friends. 

Every night I tuck him in and ask him the same thing:

How was your day?: Good

What was your favorite part?: school- did I have school today? no swim, did I have swim today? lol. He’s precious! 

So get ready world: HERE ME NOW COME!


lazy sunday

grayson got in bed with us last night around 2am. He woke up at 8 and gave me a huge hug and said “i love snuggling with you mama”. It started my day off perfectly. I love snuggling with him too- he has such a big heart. I also love when he calls me mama, for some reason it seems so loving. The main thing Grayson wanted to do today was ride his bike, he got a big boy bike from santa and he’s obsessed with it. Too bad it rained the entire day…hopefully tomorrow we can take it out. So we ended up playing inside today- he likes to line all of his cars up and acts like they are students. Guido or Luigi are usually the teacher and they also get to drive the huge Bruder crane that he got for Christmas. Guido or Luigi gets to choose who takes rides on the hook of the crane. Grayson pretends the cars are alive and they talk to each other. Grayson always says “hi how are you, how did you sleep last night?” If I answer as myself instead of my car he says “no mommy make the car talk”. He’s just hilarious and has such a great imagination. 

I took him with me to a dr appt a couple weeks ago and there was a picture of a heart in the small room while we were waiting for the dr. So we talked about the heart and Grayson had a million questions. Now all he talks about is the heart. If he has soccer, he asks if soccer is good for his heart. If he eats mac n cheese he asks if it’s good for his heart. It’s amazing to me the impact that the picture had on him- to still be talking about it 2 weeks later. 

both names

tonight Grayson asked me what my name was. I said Mommy- he said no your other name. I said Cortney. He said- so you have both names. He went on to say “you’re a nice mommy, i love you, I have a nice mommy”. That put the biggest smile on my face- no words can describe how happy this little boy makes me. He’s very into Curious George books right now. Before bed we read a story and I read “this is George… and he’s very” and I point to Grayson and he says “curious!!” and we both just crack up. He has this infectious laugh. Oh and today and gymnastics he was doing the obstacle course and then ran over to me while I was just sitting in the chair watching and he said “i love you mommy, I want to give you a hug”. This boy has the biggest and sweetest heart I’ve ever encountered. 

He received a bike from Santa for Christmas, and this is his first real bike with pedals. His first bike was a balancing bike and he LOVED that. So we have training wheels on the new big boy bike- we took the bike out and he can’t get enough. He kept asking me during the ride/walk why he needed the training wheels? I just told him they keep him from falling and after lots of practice we can take them off. After the bike ride he said- take these training wheels off mom, I’M READY! Of course they are still on…he’s 3. 

so great day today for Grayson and me with BOTH names. 

shakin that bum

Grayson did the cutest thing today- him and his dad stand next to each other and sing “shakin that bum shakin that bum” and they wiggle theit booties- it’s hilarious and precious to see my little 3 year old enjoying himself so much. He just cracks up and loves copying his daddy.


Grayson stayed up late last night to celebrate the New Year and we gave him apple cider in a lovely champagne glass, he said “cheers, now drink”. He loved his fancy glass and was so careful with it, held very tight with both his tiny hands. 

Chris was cooking dinner tonight and Grayson kept asking him “do you need my help Daddy?”. I was putting together a Melissa and Doug truck for him while Chris was making dinner and Grayson accidentally poked me in the eye with one of the parts and it really hurt so it made me cry, Grayson gave me tons of hugs and kisses right away saying “it’s ok mommy, it was an accident, i love you”. And he jumped to me right away trying to make me feel better. It just shos that he has such a big heart and really feels empathy. That’s so important and such a wonderful feeling for a child to understand.

ice cream kisses

Today was a great day that started off when my son saying “mommy I’m ready to get up- it’s morning”. I gave him a smile and he smiled right back knowing that I would be getting out of bed to play with him instead of saying “it’s not time yet”. He said he wanted a Toaster Stroodle and wanted to play in the Study while he ate his breakfast. He’s hilarious. We were playing on my bed after I made it and I started doing Eskimo kisses with our noses and he laughed and said “let’s do ice cream kisses” so of course I renamed the Eskimo kiss to Ice Cream kiss. Then he wanted to do a Cupcake Kiss- which he made up just then- and it’s a kiss on the lips but first you pull your head back and almost head butt- needless to say that one didn’t last long. 


Another thing that was cute today: He was opening up a late Christmas present that he received in the mail today and he said “mommy can you take off the rainbow so I can open it”, turns out the rainbow is the BOW. How stinkin cute is that? Nothing makes me smile more than my Grayson. He’s everything. 


He’s asleep now which means it’s mommy and daddy time- always nice to have some alone time. I just can’t believe it’s almost 2013. We’ve been so blessed and have so many wonderful people and opportunities in our life. Staying at home with Grayson is the most special experience I could ever ask for. It would not be possible without my husband who works very hard. 


This little side note is to my gma who passed away a couple months ago: I miss you, love you and remember spending New Years Eve at your house with all my cousins drinking Sparkling Cider and wearing hats and using noise makers. Such a great memory. We were everything to Gma and I understand that now that I am a parent.