my first post…yep it’s a mess

Grayson I started this blog as a way to share with you throughout your life and also as a way for me to remember all the adorable things you say and do!  I’ve tried to keep a journal but it’s just too hard to keep up with- hopefully I’ll post more regularly on the blog!

I just want you to always know that you are the light of my life. You are the reason I have been put on this earth and you have given my life so much love and happiness. I only hope I’m able to make you proud and do the right things for you in your life. Your Dad and I love you to the moon and back!!!!!

Right now you are laying next to me in bed sleeping- poor little guy is sick and sleeping it off. Our day has been amazing, our son has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. He’s so innocent and loving. He wants to feed me his Goldfish by hand and tells me “eat this, they’re good for you mama”. He’s sleeping in a big boy bed now, but wakes up at 2am like clockwork- gets out of bed and yells- “mommy, i need you!! MAMA!!!”. It’s the sweetest thing ever. I remember when we first got married I didn’t want children. After about 5 years I finally got the urge to have one and it’s all I could think of until I actually got pregnant. I remember taking the test on Oct 1 2008 and it was positive. I kept the news to myself for a few days- just my little secret. It just felt right, letting it sink in to my soul and my mind. But I knew before I even took the test that I was pregnant, I just felt it. A woman’s intuition- it’s REAL! When I told my husband he was so excited and said “ok let’s go take another test before we get too excited”. So Grayson please know YOU WERE WANTED DESPERATELY!

I never knew the true meaning of love until I had you. My pregnancy with you was fairly smooth sailing. Some bumps in the beginning but all turned out well. As a runner I was dedicated to running throughout my pregnancy and I did- right up until the day you were born. I remember running at the park when I was 7 months along, I was getting all kinds of looks from strangers and I decided it might be time for the treadmill. I loved our runs together when you were in my belly- I just talked to you, prayed and dreamed about our future. You still love our runs to this day- you just relax in the jogger and say “go fast mama”. I hope as you get older you’ll want to run together- it can be our thing. You’ll have golf and tennis with daddy.

Ok I guess enough for today- I’ll see how this one looks in print and get back to you!


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