the day you DOVE off the High Dive

Dear Grayson,

Mommy is so very proud of you and super excited for you. You’ve been working all summer on your goal of diving off the high dive…and today YOU DID IT! Each time we’ve gone to the pool this summer you’ve walked to the end of the high dive with ever intention of diving off, but ended up jumping instead. Which is a huge accomplishment in itself really- I’m 36 and was nervous to even jump off the 10 foot high board. You consistently push me to try new things and be more adventurous.

So today, you just had your mind set that you were going to dive off today. Then you decided to try your front flip off the high dive instead. While trying to make that work you somehow ended up diving off and I cheered so loud for you! And when you came up out of the water you had the biggest smile on your face. It just lit up my world.

You never give up on things and it’s such an admirable quality. It was such an exciting day and I’m so proud of you. I love you.


spring break = heaven

This past week has been Spring Break for us and I have to say- it’s been amazing. Grayson is almost 6 now and just running to the grocery store is an adventure when he’s with me. I get to have my best friend tagging along with me all day and I love it. He’s such a special little guy. He has this funny personality and he’s always telling jokes trying to make me laugh. His top joke right now is “why do chickens sit on their eggs…because they don’t have chairs!” I pretty much laugh at all his jokes even when they aren’t funny because he’s just so darn cute telling them. But then he goes to school and tells these jokes and says “my friends didn’t think that was funny Mama.” I Just tell him that his friends must have been confused. This week we went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and saw the Transformer exhibit which Grayson loved. We went to the Zoo twice and were able to do the ropes course. Grayson got to go all the way to the top this time because I went with him. He makes me so proud because even though he was scared he just pushed through and did it because he really wanted to- he didn’t let fear stand in his way and I just really admire that. I’m absolutely the luckiest Mama in the world getting to raise this amazing little boy. He’s growing into a thoughful, loving, strong, empathetic, smart, hard working, adventurous boy. He makes me proud everyday. I love you Grayson!!

Love- Mama

i’m proud to be your mom

Grayson and I went to watch my nephews baseball game the other night and Grayson loves it because there are always kids his age running around a big tree and playing together. So I stand throughout the entire game so I can keep an eye on him- yes I’m one of those moms who seriously watches my son every second- call me a Helicopter Mom, I’m ok with it. I’d rather be a Helicopter Mom then a mom whose child gets kidnapped. But I’m getting off track now…

As Grayson was playing with 3 other boys I overheard him saying “pick on someone your own size” and he said it over and over to 2 boys that were HIS size. So I was thinking what is he talking about… Then he ran up to me and said “those boys are mean, they keep pushing that little guy and I told them to pick on someone their own size but they aren’t listening.” I told him I was proud of him for taking up for the little guy and that he’s done all he can to stop them. I told him to just not play with those boys. 

As I was getting Grayson ready for bed that night I told him that I was so proud of him for taking up for the little guy and I was so proud  to be his mommy. HIs face lit up like nothing I’ve ever seen. He smiled so big and my words just filled him up with joy- I could see it in his eyes. My Sweet Angel. 

Come to find out those 3 boys were brothers and the 2 biggers ones weren’t really picking on the little guy they were playing tag…but that’s neither here nor there. My son was still the good hearted kid trying stand up for the little guy getting picked on. My hero. 

Today is Mother’s Day and I an so happy to be Grayson’s mom. He’s everything. I love you Grayson. You’re my favorite and I love you the most. 

“let’s read Goldbug”

this is what Grayson says almost every night before bed. Our bedtime routine is getting PJ’s on, brush teeth and read a story. He pretty much always chooses this book called Car, Trucks and Things that Go (Goldbug as he calls it). It’s a really cute book that has tons of cars, bikes, tanks, airplanes—real and pretend. He’s obsessed with it and on each page there’s this tiny little yellow bug named Goldbug. You have to search for him on each page- kinda Where’s Waldoish. Our bedtime routine is one of my favorite- he snuggles up next to me on our comfy red chair in the playroom and we read. If he has a question and wants to interrupt me he says “excuse me mama”, it’s the cutest thing in the world. 

These have been the best 4 years of my life. I look at my life now and know that these are the best days I’ll ever live. Raising Grayson is the reason I’m here and I know being a mother is as good as it gets. I know when he’s off to college and becoming his own man I’ll look back on these days and remember how special they were. The way he snuggles close and tells me he loves me, the way he holds my hand or helps me find my slippers. My bond with him is everything and it’s a feeling I never knew existed until I had him. 

I haven’t written much in my blog but my goal is to start writing at the end of every week. This week was great- school was canceled Monday because of the snow-ugh I almost cried when I saw the snow coming down, we’ve gotten so much this year. So Grayson helped me shovel the driveway, then we took his sled out and I pulled him around the neighborhood. He had soccer this week and almost scored a goal, but his best friend Joanna blocked it. He swam really well this week- he does 4 laps of freestyle with no stopping and his flip turns looked amazing. I’m so proud of him each time I see him swim- it’s shocking to see a 4 year old swim that well. He’s working on his breast stroke and butterfly and that’s coming along. His favorite part of swim is getting to do toys at the end. His teacher throws in like 7 sinking toys and he loves diving after them. Grayson got sick on Thursday night- sounds like it’s going around school and a kid threw up Wed in class so I had a feeling Grayson would get it. 

I just hope Grayson will read my blog later in life and feel the love that I have for him. Right now my life is all for Grayson, my days are focused on him and making him happy while trying to teach him right from wrong and why it’s important to be a caring person and empathetic while also not trusting strangers…it’s a hard thing to teach a 4 year old. He’s starting to do so many things on his own and really becoming his own person. He’s very funny and loves making people laugh- so much like his daddy in that way. That’s one of the things I love SO much about my husband. Grayson is very caring and sometimes if he accidentally headbutts me in the middle of the night (yes sometimes he comes into our bed) he says “sorrry mama”. He has such a good heart and I could not love him anymore than I do. To the moon and back.